Wakefield Triangle!

13 April 2011

Shrouded in mystery, like the Bermuda Triangle, it’s a disappearance of an altogether different kind that haunts Yorkshire’s own mystery triangle. People have been known to be changed for life going through it. Tastes changed and bodily functions dramatically affected.

I refer of course to Rhubarb. Next to the White Rose it could easily become the leek of Yorkshire. When encompassed and embraced all previous culinary sense is lost and the kitchen becomes a roller – coaster of rhubarb opportunity. It’s tartness can turn your face into that of a bulldog licking a nettle. Laced with sugar and ginger it can warm the cockles on a chilly spring evening. Life will never be the same again!

Forget Delia! Norfolk doesn’t have a triangle. Get some early spring forced Yorkshire Rhubarb (even Waitrose are doing it!) and cut into 1 inch long pieces. Add to a pan with a little sugar, grate in fresh ginger and add a little water. Bring to simmer and remove from heat when rhubarb begins to fall. It’s best with a little bite left in it. Al dente’ish!

Depending on the quantity you have made – turn into a crumble for pud; turn into a fool; use less sugar and use as a tart accompaniment to oily fish etc; use on your breakfast cereal; if you have added too much water originally just drink it! Great with gin. Cheers!

Let me know if you get lost in the triangle this Spring. It’s good for you.


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